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Gene Malin's



Summer Tennis Clinics

Provided by Tennis Professional and BelAir Ridge Tennis Director

Gene Malin

.....along with his dedicated and experiened staff!



The best way to learn and/or elevate a beginner or a more experienced player’s tennis skills, is to join us for our 2021 Youth Tennis Clinics this summer. Gene has been playing professionally as well as coaching, training, educating and preparing youth and professional tennis players for decades.  While I/we know how to create the perfect kind of experience that’ll help your child/young adult to walk away with tangible experiences (how to get better and keep improving), past history shows me they’ll also want to keep coming back …. we are on our 2nd generation of tennis hopefuls and successes!

We know how to create a safe and fun environment to learn and grow throughout the duration of our Clinics. This past year has been difficult for so many.  Please know that we are taking all the necessary health and safety precautions outlined by the CDC, as we continue to work back to normal.  Helping one learn and improve their tennis acumen is our main goal, but the Clinic attendees will learn many tips and tricks to see, reach and improve their capabilities while they are with us.

We are excited to announce the Gene Malin 2021 Youth Summer Tennis Clinics to begin June 14 through August 20, 2021 (or with enough enrollment we will extend that to August 27, 2021) every * MONDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY * (excluding holidays). 


1)  1st SESSION is 11am to 1pm; and  the 2nd SESSION is 2pm to 4pm
NO ‘DAILY' CLINIC ATTENDEES (weekly Registrations only) 
2)  All Clinic attendees MUST be at least 5 years of age and agree to attend all 3 Session DAYS in order to Register and participate 
3)  Clinic attendees may Register and participate in BOTH the morning and afternoon Sessions if they like.  Remember to send them with their own lunch/beverages (no sharing). The same fees apply to both Clinic Sessions (AM and PM) and.....no negotiations please.

With the local, state and federal regulations, we anticipate having to reduce our registration/enrollment numbers significantly this year and we also expect a very high demand based on the last 25 summers.  We already have inquiries from past participants to Register.  So, it will be first-come-first-served (no pun here), so please be sure to Register and make payments early.  


  • Clinic Attendee(s) to COACH RATIO— 6:1 or less per court
  • Masks should be worn from parking lot to court, when walking to restroom, and when leaving camp
  • Tennis instruction, drills and games require 6 feet of distancing between Clinic Attendees at all times
  • Lunch and beverages will NOT provided this year due to COVID protocol
  • If there is an exchange/or shared equipment, those Clinic attendees should immediately sanitize hands (provided)
  • Our Staff and Clinic attendees will require a symptom screening daily, including temperature checks
  • Also, summer Heat warnings will be addressed as needed and we will communicate via email with every Clinic attendee Family


*All Clinic attendees (registered, confirmed and paid in full) will CHECK IN at the below times (Check-In table located inside the gate of the Tennis Shop)

10:45AM:  1st Session check-in and Court Assignment (PLEASE, no later than 10:45 AM)

1:45PM:   2nd Session check-in and Court Assignment (PLEASE, no later than 1:45 PM)

*NO walk ins and just 'showing up' to participate

*All Registration docs required and full payment before checking in to any Session

2:00-2:15 PM and 4:00-4:15 PM (respective of the above Sessions):  These are the Clinic Attendee Pick Up times for each of the two daily sessions. Parents or a the parents' designated adult, must park in an available spot or curb area in front of the Tennis Clubhouse for your Clinic attendee pick up.  

You can also park and wait on the Club sidewalk above the tennis courts.  Our Staff will be assisting all Clinic attendees as they leave the gated area to find their rides.

Recommended/Suggested Snacks for each Clinic attendee PER SESSION:

PB & J sandwich
1/2 deli sandwich
Energy bars
Cheese and crackers
Electrolyte Drinks
Plenty of water

*PLEASE... no candy or sugary junk food​